My life “Out there” on the TEDxVienna Blog

TEDxVienna is an awesome organisation – or more of an organism. A bunch of cool, smart, interesting, creative people from all over the world who gathered in Vienna in order to share ideas. The main conference – an event full of inspiring talks and encounters – takes place on October 22nd at the georgous Volkstheater. And this years’ topic is “OUT THERE”.

In the forefront of the event, I had the honour to write a guest article for their fantastic blog, telling a bit about my life “out there”. It is some sort of brief conclusion of 13 months in Mozambique, a compressed version of 13 months of impressions, adventures, learnings, mood swings, and all in all, the most unforgettable time of my life.

You can find my article here: A day in the life out there – in Mozambique

And by the way: Don’t forget to also check further infos about the conference in Vienna on Saturday. Even though it is sold out, there are still options to be part of it, for example at one of the satellite events, or on various social media channels.

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