“The Role of University in Society” – Multidisciplinary at its best @ UCM Chimoio

Last week, I was invited to visit a conference in Chimoio where my university, UCM, has a local site. Chimoio is currently listed as Mozambique’s fifth largest towns and the capital of the province Manica, about 200 km inland from Beira towards the Zimbabwean border. The conference – Jornadas Ciêntificas, roughly translated to Research Days or Science Days – was organised by four different faculties: Economy & Management, Health Sciences, Engineering, and “my” faculty, the Distance Learning Center. The high level theme of the conference: The Role of University in Society.

UCM's Faculty of Engineering in Chimoio, Province Manica

UCM’s Faculty of Engineering in Chimoio, Province Manica

During themed panels, researchers got the chance to pitch objectives and results of their own research projects and reply to questions and suggestions from the audience. Due to the diversity of disciplines and subjects, the conference unfolded a multidisciplinary spirit that I have rarely experienced in Europe, where I am rather used to nerds losing themselves in details: Political philosophers asking questions about biomass generated from sugar cane, medical doctors and engineers discussing civil participation in rural communities and many more fantastic cross-field debates.

The conference room at UCM Chimoio

The Look & Feel of an African Academic Conference. The beautiful fabric to decorate the stage and panel desk was specifically designed for the 20 Year Anniversary that UCM celebrated in September

Welcome to UCM Chimoio - Jornadas Ciêntificas Outubro 2015

Some of the values the Catholic University of Mozambique stands for: Justice, Tolerance, Faith, Health, Family, Professionalism, and – last but not least – Love and Humor.

But what I enjoyed even more: I couldn’t have expected a more naturalistic, authentic “culture training”. Given the high practical impact of all the presented research projects, I got a priceless insight into the questions and discourses the academic community of Mozambique engages in – and the alignment of the topics with the conference theme put them perfectly into the context of the Mozambican society.


Recurring topics at the Conference: The fight against Malaria,…



...and poverty

…and poverty

Below, I am sharing the conference programme with you – knowing that it would be impossible to summarize even the most important research results, I believe that the programme alone already gives a rewarding insight into the reality of the highly interesting, complex, utterly beautiful country I live now.

Research Days of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Economy and Management, the Faculty of Engineering and the Distance Learning Center

“The Role of University in Society”

October 7 2015 

  • Reception
  • Prayer
  • National Anthem
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Key Note: The Role of the University in Society (Prof. Joao Ferrao)

1st Panel: Economy and Social Sciences

  • Budgetary Policy: An Analysis of the Situation in Mozambique
  • Application of Marketing Strategies by Small Retailers in the Province of Manica
  • Critical Analysis of the Legal Situation, Shortcomings and Gaps in the Mozambican Labour Law
  • Relevance of Structured Accounting for Small Companies
  • Analysis of the Economic and Financial Situation of the Universidade Católica de Moçambique

2nd Panel: Economy and Social Sciences

  • Civil Responsibility of the State in Preventive Detention beyond Legal Terms
  • Repayment Rate at the District Development Fund in the District of Caia
  • Critical Analysis of the Entrepreneur Culture among Youth: A Case Study of the Region of Central Mozambique
  • Development of a Model for Financial Planning of Projects Financed by FDD (Fundo Distrital de Desenvolvimento / District Development Fund)
  • Financial Unsustainability of the Social Security System of Manica

3rd Panel: Health

  • Modelling of the Influence of Climate on the Occurence of Malaria in the Municipality of Chimoio
  • Doctors trained at the Universidade Católica de Mozambique – Their Satisfaction with Curriculum and Professional Education
  • Clinical-Demographical Cases of Epilepsy at the Provincial Hospital of Chimoio (HPC) in 2013 and 2014
  • Clinical and Demographical Profile of Suicidal Patients at the Provincial Hospital of Chimoio (HPC) in 2013 and 2014
  • Mortality Causes in Chimoio in 2013

4th Panel: Health

  • Patients suffering from Schizophrenia at the Provincial Hospital of Chimoio (HPC) in 2013 and 2014
  • Let’s Talk – Let’s Play – Let’s Change. An Experience of Sensibilisation [HIV/AIDS Prevention among Adolescents]
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention among Adolescents: Analysis of Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Sexuality and Relationships
  • Self Evaluation of the Risk of HIV Infection among Adolescents in Beira
  • Spatial Variation and Social-Demographical Characteristics of Malaria Patients in the Municipality of Chimoia
  • Alternative Treatment of Matequenha (Tunga Penetrans / Chigoe Flea): Case Study, City of Chimoio – Bairro 1°de Maio

October 8, 2015

  • Key Note: The Contribution of Scientific Research to Solutions for Disadvantages in the Dynamics of a Society

5th Panel: Agricultural and Nutrionial Sciences  

  • Comparison of Seeding Methods in Microbiological Analysis of Fish
  • The Role of University in Communities and their Rural Development of Sustainable Agriculture in Mucheve, District of Chibabava
  • Evaluation of Alimentation Habits and Implications on the Nutricional State among Adolescent Residents in Urban and Suburban Areas in the City of Beira
  • Use of Biomass gained from Sugar Cane as Source of Renewable Energy. A Case Study in Tongaat Hulett – Mozambica Sugar Basin, District of Dondo
  • Physical-chemical Characteristics of Honey Produced in the Province of Manica
  • Use of Spiders in Agriculture for Biological Pest Control

6th Panel:  Education and Social Sciences

  • Satisfaction Level among Social Media Users
  • Analysis of the Level of Computer Piracy in the City of Chimoio
  • Associativism als Alternative for Local Development: An Investigation of the Cooperative Practice in the Communities of Nhangau
  • Creation of Wealth through Financial Literacy
  • Evaluation of the Usage of Information Management Systems by Managers of Small and Medium-Sized Companies in the City of Chimoio

7th Panel: Education and Social Sciences

  • Strategies for the Development of a Reading and Writing Culture at Mozambican Universities: Case Study at the UCM
  • The Relation Between Education, Politics and Society in the Philosophy of Paulo Freire (1921-97) and their Relevance for Higher Education in Mozambique
  • The Role of the School Council for Democratic Management in Primary Education based on the Examples of the Comprehensive Primary Schools “Amílcar Cabral” and “Nhamaonha” in Chimoio
  • Community Participation in the Local Development Process in the Municipality of Gondola in 2014
  • Relevance of Early Childhood Support for Children with Hearing Impairment

8th Panel: Education and Social Sciences

  • The Role of Universities for the Transformation of Society
  • The Role of UCM for the Development of People and Communities: A Review of the Practice at UCM and other Institutions of Higher Education in Beira
  • The Role of Leadership in Labouring Conflict Management: A Case Study of the City Council in Beira
  • Motivation and Satisfaction of Employees at UCM – Faculty of Engineering

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