The final countdown. Departure scheduled for September 22nd


Long time no post.

My departure to Mozambique got severly delayed due to some issues with my visa and work permit. That gave me the chance to spend a fabulous summer in Vienna. It prevented me, however, from documenting my daily life and preparations on a regular basis. I found it rather difficult to get involved with my future environment, my future work, my future tasks without knowing when I would finally get started.

But now it is happening. It is happening for real. I am leaving next week Tuesday, leaving from Vienna and flying with Air France via Paris and Johannesburg to finally hit the final destination – Beira. The whole journey will take 24 hours and 50 minutes, but I am not really worried about exhaustion or sleepiness. I can rather anticipate the adrenaline that will pimp my entire system during the transfer in Jo’burg at the latest.

I still have a few days to pack my bags, to meet people I appreciate, and to review the last few months.

I was waiting. But I wasn’t uniquely waiting. I did a lot of things, and I learned even more.


I learned a lot about patience and equanimity.

We cannot change the pace and the outcome of things. Sometimes we believe we can, because we feel we have more room for making a personal impact. But in the end, we can never anticipate all the weird turns, legal changes, the human factor, and pure randomness.

Sometimes, things take more time than anticipated. And sometimes, things have to fall apart so that better things can fall together.

I learned a lot about self confidence.

I’ve always identified a lot with my professional functions – paid or unpaid, big or small. I knew that they made me interesting, and valuable, and great for being interviewed, guest blogging, presenting. These past few months, I had nothing to blog about, nothing to present, nothing to be interviewed about. And my friends didn’t give shit. I figured out how to live a pleasant, fulfilled life without a 9 to 9 occupation.

I learned a lot about gratitude.

I am grateful for the time I considered wasted in the first place and that turned out to be time gained. I had the time and chance visit (or re-visit) places that mean a lot to me. Lisbon. St. Veit. Eindhoven. Berlin. I had the time to meet people I care about without subtly scheduling the next appointment. I am grateful for all the quality time I spent. For all the good memories I made in Vienna, Eindhoven and Upper Austria. For all the people I wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for the waiting time. And I am grateful for all the stuff I learned and posted here.



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