From Lisbon with love


I could start by telling you that Lisbon is beautiful, but that probably wouldn’t come as a big surprise. So I will just tell you how it feels to live here temporarily.

I am staying at The Loft Hostel – initially, I intended to book a hostel just for the first few nights and then try to find a room on AirBNB, but I am enjoying hostel life very much. It makes me realize and remember that I am a traveller. The hostel is small and cosy, everyone knows everybody else, and we ask each other “How was your day?” in the evening, just before kicking off the tapas night that is offered by the hostel…every night.

IMG_20150531_204607[1]   IMG_20150602_200609

In the morning, I pass a square named Praça de Alegria on my way to the language school, CIAL (Centro de Linguas). Three hours of intensive Portuguese class, level A2…learning a new language and feeling how it progresses inside me releases a lot of endorphines in my brain. After school, CIAL offers voluntary afternoon activities…city walks, movies and Degustaçao dos Vinhos do Porto just being some examples.

IMG_20150603_185402   IMG_20150602_194459IMG_20150603_175806    IMG_20150601_153327[1]   IMG_20150601_153349[1]

It was also great to finally, after a month of separation, to reunite with Barbara and Thomas, my HORIZONT3000-colleagues…and we seized the evening with octopus and white wine at a nice tavern in Barro Alto, missing Jan, the fourth member of “Team Beira”.

Spending your life at hostels and language schools is a guarantee to meet interesting people. A Hula-Hoop-artist from Ohio who makes Youtube-videos explaining Calculus with Hula-Hoops. A young Norwegian laywer who is being sent as a diplomat to Angola soon. Some South-Koreans who live in Mozambique but can’t get proper language classes there. A lady from Windhoek who is being trained to become one of the first teachers for Portuguese language in Namibia. A software engineer who decided to rather develop his projects based in Lisbon than in his hometown in Southern Siberia.

Everyone I meet has a story to tell. And so do I.


Unrelated picture, and yet very related. The rules I try to live on in Lisbon.

Everyone I meet has a story to tell. And so do I.


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